Margo Grant

Maximillien's Assistant


Clan: ?
Sire: ?

D.O.B: ?
D.O.D: ?

Miss Grant’s origin is unclear to all of those she has come into contact with. She leaves men feeling helpless and weak in the knees, and women envy her enigmatic presence. Margo is devoutly loyal to Maximilien, the man who helped her escape Santa Monica nearly twenty years ago. She considers him to be the only person worth risking her life for, and she believes in all of his intentions. Maxxie and Margo have a clear understanding of the other’s strength, and run in different circles, gaining power over numerous groups of kindred with uncanny charisma and wit. With Maxxie’s new ranking of primogen, Margo will surely thrive off of his new power.

Margo Grant

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